Honestly…. I am travel spoiled. But it is better than the alternative!

August 16, 2017
Honestly…. I am travel spoiled. But it is better than the alternative!

This is a difficult topic to talk about for me. I do not want readers to see me as some spoiled, rich semi-blond girl who has the world in her hand. However, I believe travel was an important experience that made me who I am, and why I created Fare Whispers. This is only my opinion, a story of my past, and insight into what makes me, me.

I am spoiled, but not in the way you may first imagine when you think of someone who “has it all.” ┬áMy father made a decent amount of money, we didn’t feel a dire need for anything, and I lived most of my pre-college life in a fairly well-off part of town in Dallas, Texas. Most of the kids I knew were your typical spoiled white teenagers. When you went to the schools, even public ones, you could tell who’s car belonged to a teacher and which was a student’s, because the students typically had shiney, new pretty cars. Teachers did not. I remember carpooling with a girl who lived on my street and her mother when they were having an argument about the girl getting a car. The original agreement was that the mother and the girl would share a brand new Prius, but that wasn’t good enough for the girl. I sat in the back seat while the girl screamed her beliefs of the lack of fairness in her not getting a brand new Prius for herself. She didn’t want to share. She deserved her own. In my astonishment, the mother gave in right then and there, and my jaw dropped to the floor.

My parents raised me and my sister right. They taught us that everything has a price, and if we wanted something, we had to work for it. As kids, we had to work for an allowance and when we got older, we were told to get jobs. From day one, my sister and I never asked for anything big, because we knew the answer would be “earn it.” My sister and I shared my Mom’s old car when we were old enough to drive, my technology was always hand-me-downs from my father’s work, and it wasn’t in my personality to shop.

However, we were travel spoiled. My father collected miles and points from his job that required him to travel, so every year we would be able to travel to Europe for two weeks. They were my favorite two weeks out of the year. For one week we explored some random towns throughout Europe, and the second week was spent skiing in St. Moritz, Switzerland at Club Med. Technically, I could ski before I could walk!

In my humble opinion, if you are going to spoil someone, spoil them with travel. Let them see the world and what it is worth. Open their eyes to how different people spend their day, that the world doesn’t revolve around them.

I am not saying that being “stuff” spoiled is bad, either. You can be a completely decent person and be stuff spoiled. Part of me is saying that I would rather be able to have memories of staring at the statue of David in complete awe at 6 years old over a new iPhone that will break in a year or two. (#androidlove!)

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