WOW Air is expanding to Israel, and other Ultra Low Cost Carriers are doing the same

May 16, 2017
WOW Air is expanding to Israel, and other Ultra Low Cost Carriers are doing the same

So, here is what happened yesterday. I got a notification that WOW Airlines was expanding their service to Israel and was offering very very cheap flights from the United states and vice versa.

I rolled my eyes at that one.

Then, I got a notification on Facebook that one of my friends tagged me in a post.

My answer was expected, at least for those who know me well. Big surprise, I am not a huge fan of ULCC (Ultra Low Cost Carriers). Most of the time, they end up being as expensive as your normal airlines, like Delta, American, United, El Al, etc… You do not get checked bags for free, you only get one carry on that fits under the seat for free, and then if it is over a certain weight, you pay more. You pay for overhead bin space, weight of your checked bag, and if you do not want to get stuck in a middle seat next to the toilets for 12 hours, you pay for choosing your seat as well.

By the end of the day, your totally awesome fare, is nothing to be excited about, but with an airline with zero customer service, low reliability, no food on the flight, and you end up paying for water. I won’t be surprised if you have to pay to use the restroom soon.

There is another disadvantage to ULCCs expanding service as well. If you haven’t been paying attention to airline industry news lately, most US Airlines have started decreasing their offerings so they too can lower their prices to match those of ULCCs. This is bad news bears for the rest of us fliers who recognize and value the offerings of our Big Three- (Delta, American & United.) Yes, they are not nearly as good as they used to be, but if ULCCs continue, I predict things to get a lot worse.

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