Flight delay…. for WHAT?!

February 11, 2017
Flight delay…. for WHAT?!

*Written with permission from a friend*

On a flight from Reno, Nevada to Salt Lake City, Utah, boarding was going smoothly, until a flight attendant noticed a box in the flight attendant’s closet, usually reserved for passengers’ coats in first class.

Someone in the main cabin had placed a box there, without permission, as she was going to find her seat. Of course, this seemed a bit strange, and the flight attendant watching had to ask the passenger about the box.

Apparently, the box held a canister of sperm.

Yup, you read that right.

The only reason this was a problem was the box also contained dry ice, and the passenger did not have the proper paperwork for the package. It caused a fuss with security regarding the safety of having it aboard. Eventually it was cleared to go, and the plane took off as normal.

Funny thing is, the delay and attention could have been avoided if the passenger had only placed her box-o’-sperm in the overhead bin, and no one would have questioned it.

How ’bout that?

Have you had any weird experiences while flying? Share with us!

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