Swiss Airlines in coach- Review

February 10, 2017
Swiss Airlines in coach- Review

First Time on Swiss Airlines

In December, my best friend and I went to Switzerland and experienced Swiss Airlines for the first time.  I had heard a lot of good things about the airline, even in coach.


Getting down to business- the food.

I chose the vegetable masala, since vegetarian tends to be the way to go when you are unsure about the airline's food.  They tend to be less salty and a bit spicy to overcome taste dullness that happens when you are up in the sky.  I'm unsure how the other meals were, but this one was pretty decent compared to food in general, and compared to airplane food, it was delicious!


The wine was good as well- and for those of you who may not know, you get free wine and beer on those international flights.   I had the white wine, and while it was a bit drier than I usually like, it was not slap-your-face dry like most other coach airline wines you get.


I tried the local Swiss beer, and I was not as impressed.  I can be pretty picky about the beer I drink, and the Quöllfrisch tasted like Bud Light.   Needless to say I wasn't impressed, but one mediocre beer didn't ruin my flying experience, because after that is meal #2!

Usually on American based airlines, on flights shorter than 8 hours, they serve a "light snack," consisting of a heated croissant and a yogurt.  But European based airlines are different.


For meal two of this flight, a quiche and ice cream were served.  The cheese quiche was really tasty and fluffy.  It was served warm, and the caramel ice cream was an awesome finish.  They were two complementary tastes well planned.

Well done, Swiss.

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