On Selfies and Solo Travel

February 1, 2017
On Selfies and Solo Travel

It wasn’t until three or so years ago that I started traveling solo.  I didn’t necessarily want to, but the wanderlust was so deep in my blood, and travel buddies were not in abundance.  I cautiously took the plunge and traveled solo for the first time, but made sure it was in a place I felt safe and comfortable- Belgium.

I was laying on the hotel bed one night after a particularly long day of wandering, and was going over my pictures on my phone.  Like on every trip I go on, I take lots of pictures.  I swiped through photo after photo- and a pattern appeared.  It seemed that traveling solo presented an interesting issue.  In the age of Selfies, I was taking way too many.  I found myself with only two types of photos- either I had a picture of what I was looking at, or a selfie with what I was seeing.  Quite frankly, it was boring and monotonous.

Being an adventurer, and having so much pride in being different than everyone else, I had to figure out another way.

Weird selfies.  I like to think my new trend makes my pictures that much more interesting.

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